Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Archival Resources

The Yarmouth County Archives contains many thousands of files relating to businesses, organizations and people in Yarmouth County. This includes newspapers, genealogies, government records, and various other sources. Please note that, as most of our resources are fragile, original documents, no original materials ever leave our building. Research can be conducted in person or through the mail. For more information, please contact the Archives.

Online Reference

The Council of Nova Scotia Archives has developed an online database (ArchWay) that contains descriptions of a majority of our archival resources, and numerous scans of old photographs. These files and others in the collection can be viewed by visiting the Archives.


Genealogy Resources

This is a general list of the geneaology resources that are available in our archives. The items listed on this page are not all of the resources available in the Archives; due to size restrictions, only a brief listing can be included here.

Assessment Rolls

Property Tax Assessment Rolls*
Township of Yarmouth - 1823, 1876 to 1880
Town of Yarmouth - 1881-1925
Municipality of Yarmouth - 1894-1955
Municipality of Argyle - 1800's and 1900's
*some years missing

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Cemetery Records

Histories of Local Cemeteries
Compiled work which gives details on Yarmouth County cemeteries
(land ownership, history, renovations, etc.)

Cemetery Records
(In some cases the records associated with each cemetery are complete. However, some cemeteries only have plot plans, and others only have names of the people buried.)

Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Active)
Old Cemetery (Active)

Argyle Lower
Lower Argyle Cemetery (Active)
Morton's Neck Cemetery (Inactive)
[AKA: Herb's Neck Cemetery or Strawberry Point Cemetery]

Argyle Sound
Green Grove Cemetery (Active)

Beaver River
Beaver River Cemetery #1 (Inactive)
Beaver River Cemetery #2 (Inactive)

Crosby Private Cemetery (Inactive)
Hilltop Cemetery (Active)

Brooklyn Cemetery (Active)

United Baptist Church Cemetery (Active)

Carleton Cemetery (Active)

Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake Cemetery (Active)

Chebogue Cemetery (Active)

Chegoggin Cemetery (Active)

Darling's Lake
Darling's Lake Cemetery (Active)

Churchill Cemetery (Active)

Deerfield Cemetery (Active)

Eel Brook
Ste. Anne du Ruisseau (Active)

Forest Glen
Forest Glen Cemetery (Active)

Cornelius Hatfield Family Cemetery (Inactive)
Gavelton United Baptist Cemetery (Active)
Green Lawn Cemetery (Active)
Tusket Lakes Cemetery (Active)

African Bethal Cemetery (Inactive)
Greenville Cemetery (Active)
Greenville Church Cemetery (Inactive)

Brookside Cemetery (Inactive)
Riverside Cemetery (Active)

Hatfield Memorial Cemetery (Active)

Kemptville East
Free Baptist Cemetery (Inactive?)
Lakeview Cemetery (Active)
Old Methodist Cemetery (Inactive?)

Lake George
Lake George Cemetery (Active)

Cook Family Cemetery (Inactive)
Horton Family Cemetery (Inactive)
Our Lady of Lourdes (Active)

Norwood Cemetery (Active)

Richard Rose Cemetery (Inactive)

Pembroke Cemetery (Active)

Pinkney's Point
Pinkney's Point Cemetery (Active)

Pleasant Lake
Highland Plains Cemetery (Active)
Nickerson Family Cemetery (Active)
Pleasant Lake Cemetery (Active)

Pleasant Valley
3rd Yarmouth United Baptist Cemetery (Active)

Port Maitland
Old Cemetery (Inactive)
Port Maitland & Beaver River Cemetery (Active)

Pubnico East
Round Hill Cemetery (Inactive)
Old Cemetery (Inactive)
Pine Grove Cemetery (Active)

Pubnico Central East
Immaculate Conception Cemetery (Active)

Pubnico Lower East
Old Morrissey Cemetery (Inactive?)

Pubnico West
St. Pierre's Cemetery (Active)

Pubnico Lower West
Old Cemetery (Inactive)

Pubnico Head
Laurel Hill Cemetery (Active)
Old Cemetery (Inactive)

Ste. Agnes Cemetery (Active)

Sandford Cemetery (Active)

Short Beach
Short Beach Cemetery (Inactive)

South Ohio
Hillside Cemetery (Active)

Surette's Island
St. Joseph's Cemetery (Active)

St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery (Active)
Tusket Cemetery (Active)

St. Michel Cemetery (Active)

Bunker's Island Cemetery (Inactive)
Butler's Hill Anglican Cemetery (Active)
Mountain Cemetery (Active)
Old Public Cemetery [Frost Park] (Inactive)
Old Public Cemetery [Public Library] (Inactive)
St. Ambrose Cemetery (Inactive)

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Census Records

Yarmouth County: 1827, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901

Shelburne County: 1827, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901

Digby County: 1827, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901

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Church Records

Chebogue Baptist Church Records
1766 to 1851

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Records and Annual Reports
1900 to 1913

Zion Baptist Church Records
1814 to 1888

Other Local Baptist Church Records
1889 to 1908

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Community Reminiscences, Books, and Published Histories

History of the Village of Arcadia
Written by Lloyd Rankin (indexed)

Yarmouth County Villages - Histories & Memoirs
Published and private

History of Yarmouth County
Written by Rev. J. Campbell - 1876

Sequel to Campbell's History
Written by George S. Brown - 1888

Yarmouth Reminiscences, Past & Present
Written by J. Murray Lawson - 1902

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Yarmouth County Deeds Index
Yarmouth Township 1773-1824
Yarmouth County 1773-1824
Municipality of Argyle 1773-1824

Proprietor's Book 1765-1816, 1856-1858
Surveyor's Field Book 1779
Early records showing who owned land in Yarmouth Township

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Funeral/Death Records

Sweeny's Funeral Home Records
1891 to 1998 (indexed)

Huskilson's Funeral Home Records
1959 to 1995 (indexed)

Doctor's Certification of Deaths
1908 to 1919

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Supplementary Family Name Files
Includes various information on families of the region
(not compiled; mostly loose sheets; organized by surname)

George S. Brown, Yarmouth Genealogies
Compiled c.1900s

Clement V. Doane, Yarmouth Genealogies
Compiled c.1950s (based on the work of George S. Brown and updated)

Lloyd Rankin, Yarmouth Genealogies
Compiled c.1950s

Francelia Nagle, Yarmouth Genealogies
Compiled c.1950s

F.E. Crowell, "New Englanders in Nova Scotia" Genealogies
Includes material on many early Yarmouth families

Miscellaneous Yarmouth Family Genealogies
Compiled published and unpublished genealogies of various Yarmouth families

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Acadian Shelf
Section devoted to the Acadians

Historic Homes
Heritage Inventory Sheets and Information

Loyalist Shelf
Section devoted to the Loyalists

Mayflower Family Directories

New England Coat of Arms

Research Library with Historic Reference Works

Researcher's Family Networking System
A system that links people to other people, based on the families they are researching.

Shipping Information
Including registers, records, Captain's logs, diaries, letters, and more.

Yarmouth County Business Records

Yarmouth County Families and Individuals
Personal records, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, memoirs, postcards, etc.

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Note: Some issues of the newspapers listed below may not be complete, or may be completely missing. Also, some newspapers may be too fragile to be used.

Yarmouth Herald
Established in 1833. Merged with the Yarmouth Light as the Yarmouth Light Herald in 1966.

Yarmouth Herald & Telegram
The Yarmouth Herald & Telegram and the Telegram were bound together from 1918 - 1943. In April 1943 the two merged as the Herald Telegram. In the late 1940s or early 1950s the Yarmouth Herald again came into existence.

From 1918 - 1947 to Yarmouth Herald and the Telegram were bound together.

Yarmouth Tribune
Established in August/September 1855.

Yarmouth Times
This paper changed its name to the Daily Times between 1898 and 1900, then back again on April 11, 1900 to the Yarmouth Times.

Yarmouth Light
Established in June 1890. Merged with the Yarmouth Herald as the Light-Herald in 1966.

The Light-Herald
Established in 1966 when the Yarmouth Herald and the Yarmouth Light merged. The Light-Herald was published weekly on Thursdays. The Vanguard, a weekly which published on Wednesdays, appears irregularly in these volumes.

The Vanguard
The county's current newspaper. Established in October 1966.

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Click here to view a gallery containing some of the photographs in our collection. More photographs can be viewed at the ArchWay database.

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Registers and Directories

Argyle Township Records
Books 1 and 2

Barrington Township Records
From 1761

Yarmouth Town Directories
1869, 1872, 1890, 1895, 1907/08, 1949

Yarmouth Township Records
Book 1: 1700s
Book 2: 1800s

Yarmouth Area Telephone Books
1906, 1912, 1931-36, 1939, 1942-44, 1947-49, 1952-58, 1960 to present

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School Records

The archives holds records ranging from 1880-1984 for schools throughout the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth . A complete list of school records can be found in the archives.

Note: Access to personal information – such as is contained in school records – is governed by Nova Scotia ’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP). According to section 20, disclosing an individual’s educational history to a third party is an unreasonable invasion of that individual’s personal privacy – and for that reason, access to school records is restricted to the archivist ONLY. Please contact us with any further questions about school records.

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Vital Statistics: Provincial

Yarmouth County Births
Provincial Records: 1864 to 1877 (indexed)

Yarmouth County Deaths
Provincial Records: 1864 to 1877 (indexed)

Yarmouth County Marriages
Provincial Records: 1864 to 1908 (indexed)

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates:

While we are unable to provide death certificates, as they come only from the Department of Health, we are able to provide a transcript for Yarmouth births, deaths and marriages that took place between 1864 and 1877. Civil registration of these events only started in Nova Scotia in the year 1864, and so there is no official information available prior to that year. Unfortunately, registration of births and deaths stopped in 1877, and did not resume until 1908, so only marriages during those years are accounted for.

For Yarmouth County vital statistics after 1908, you must contact the Vital Statistics office at (902) 424-4381, toll-free in Nova Scotia 1-877-848-2578. For more information, check the Vital Statistics website.

Place of Birth: "Nova Scotia"

If your ancestor's death or marriage certificate states place of birth simply as "Nova Scotia," but you don't know where, we may be able to help. We only focus on Yarmouth County, but if you provide the full name and the date of the event, we can have a quick look at our resources. If it appears that the person could have been in Yarmouth, we will advise you. If it appears that the person was in another county in Nova Scotia, we will provide you with the name of a facility to contact in that county.

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Vital Statistics: Scrapbooks and Other Sources

Clement V. Doane, Cemetery "Key to Location" Binders
Indicates which cemeteries some people were buried in.

Clement V. Doane, Clipped Obituaries
1940 to 1965

Clement V. Doane, Vital Statistics Scrapbooks
1885 to 1911

Clifford Handy, Vital Statistics Scrapbooks
1895 to 1984

Early Vital Records of the Township of Yarmouth 1762-1811

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics
From various newspapers: 1769 to 1854

Register of Marriage Licenses
For the years 1944 to 1958

Rev. G. T. Gordon's Records of Marriages
Marriages: 1929 to 1971
Baptisms: 1918 to 1968
Burials: 1917 to 1971

Vanguard Newspaper Clipped Obituaries
Compiled by the Archives - 1986 to present

Vital Statistics
From The Presbyterian Witness: 1848 to 1908

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