Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Photograph Gallery

Here is just a sample of some of the roughly 25,000 photographs that we have in our archives. To view larger versions of each image, place your cursor over the images. More of the museum's photos can be viewed online, at the ArchWay database. Click here for information on reproducing photographs from our collection.


Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

  • Taken from the corner of Lovitt and Main Streets, c.1900.

The Grand Hotel, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

  • Taken by George Parker, c.1900.

"Old Cameron at the Wheel."

  • Photograph taken on board the 4-masted barque Iranian, c.1897.
  • Shows one of the crew steering the ship.
  • The Iranian was built in 1895 at Workington, England by R. Williamson & Son.
  • She was lost on March 3, 1900, on Redfield Rocks, Idsu Peninsula, Japan, while on passage from New York to Yokohama with a cargo of kerosene.

The cast of the play Olla Podrida.

  • Taken at the Opera House in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia c.1900.
  • Pictured in photograph are (left to right): Emily F. Raymond, Stelle Killam, Laura Lawson, Emily Lovitt, Hannah P. Scott, Mrs. Geo. Farish (with arms spread out), Laura Brown, Bessie Lovitt (head in circle), Susy Godfrey (head in circle), Anne Lovitt (far right), and Lydia Killam with her head laying on Flo Brown's lap.

The ship Ruby waiting to take on cargo.

  • Taken in Wedgeport, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia c.1900.
  • The Ruby was built by N. & J. Raymond in 1878 at Church Point, Digby County, Nova Scotia.
  • She was lost on January 14, 1907, near Fernandina, Florida, United States.
  Yarmouth's waterfront in 1900.
  • Shows steamers of the Yarmouth Steamship Company: (left to right)
    S. S. Yarmouth, S. S. Boston, S. S. City of Saint John, S. S. Alpha (in dock), and the S. S. City of Monticello (outside).
  • A portrait of the City of Monticello can be found here.
  Mary Rose Bartlett with her daughters Francis and Louise.
  • Taken at the Gravel Pit Reservation, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  Roger Nickerson.
  • Heading out to his moored lobster boat at Seal Island, Nova Scotia.
  • Taken by Bob Brooks, c.1960s.

Clyde Robbins Sr. (sitting) and his brother.

  • Both of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Milton Corner, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

  • Taken c.1890.
  Deacon Rogers and his wife.
  • Outside their home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Taken in 1895.

Jack Baker and the Automatic Electric.

  • Shows Jack driving his electric car at Milton Corner, Yarmouth County.
  • Behind him is a Hupmoblie roadster from the late 1920s.
  • Taken in 1964.

Group with wagon in front of farm house.

  • Probably members of the Ladd family at Yarmouth.
  • Taken c. 1900
  Horse-drawn carriages.

  • Parked at the rear of the H.H. Perry Carriage Shop in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Photo taken c.1900.
  Royal Navy Telegraphist Air Gunnery School.
  • East Camp in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Taken in July of 1944.
  • All of the people in this photograph are identified.
  Air and Ground Crew.
  • West Camp in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Taken c.1940s.

Airmen's mess.

  • Decorated for Christmas.
  • West Camp Station, Yarmouth.
  • Taken 1940.

Padre Davis.

  • The station padre says a prayer over RCAF Band drums at West Camp, Yarmouth.
  • Taken c. 1941.

Natal Day parade.

  • Man driving his truck decorated with flowers in the Yarmouth Natal Day parade on Willow Street.
  • Taken c. 1915.

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