Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Mystery Artifact: What is It?

During 1995 and 1996, a travelling tour made its way through the province of Nova Scotia. The theme of the tour, entitled "What's It?" was unique or unidentifiable objects. Following the tour, in 1997, one artifact was donated to the Yarmouth County Museum by a local man. Its purpose remained a mystery until 1999.

The mystery artifact consists of a lantern-shaped body that is attached to an oval base. At the top of the body is a contoured plate that rotates with the turning of two levers. The position of the plate can be adjusted according to an individual's height.

Although the artifact was positively identified in 1999 by a man from Pennsylvania, it remains to this day the Yarmouth County Museum's interactive "mystery artifact," and visitors often provide suggestions regarding its identity and use. It is thought by some to be a meat grinder, a massaging tool, a seat for a small animal, and even a primitive mammogram machine.

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