Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Marine Vessel Bluenose

Between 1955 and 1990, two vessels, both named MV Bluenose, served on a passenger freight run between Yarmouth, Ns, and Bar Harbour, Maine.

The First Ship

The Marine Vessel Bluenose was built by Davie Shipbuilding Ltd. in Lauzon, Quebec, in 1955 as a passenger and car ferry between Yarmouth, N.S. and Bar Harbour, Maine. It operated on this service until the early 1980s. In 1983 the vessel was sold to the Electric Boat Corporation (a division of General Dynamics) of Groton, Connecticut. During the EBC's ownership, various artifacts from the bridge were removed and mounted as a display in the company's lobby. The vessel was later sold to interests in Florida. The artifacts that you see above were donated by the Electric Boat Corporation.

Hubert Hall, former captain of the M.V. Bluenose, presented artifacts from the ship to the museum. He continues to be a dedicated volunteer at the museum to this day, and his personal reflections on the M.V. Bluenose can be found at the front desk in the museum.

This image shows a model of the ship that was owned by Davie Shipbuilding,
and displayed in their corporate boardroom. It was donated by Marine Atlantic
(owners of the vessel and its present namesake).


The Second Ship

The second MV Bluenose's ship's bell is engraved with the two names under
which the ship sailed: "Stena Jutlandica / Gotenborg 1973" and "Bluenose 1983."
This bell came from the ship's bridge. The original bell on the bow is still with
the vessel.